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Visit Horseshoe Valley Dental and meet Dr. Susy Lee and associates. Since 2000 Dr. Susy Lee has been providing dental care including gum and bone disease treatment, preventative treatment, restorative solutions, cosmetic dentistry including orthodontics – traditional braces and clear aligners, smile design, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, extractions including wisdom teeth extractions, root canal therapy, and sedation including nitrous oxide ( laughing gas) or asleep dentistry. We use the latest techniques and technologies including digital xrays, intraoral cameras, intraoral scanners ( digital impressions), and CEREC technologies to make crowns in one visit. We welcome all to visit us and serve the Horseshoe Valley, Barrie , Orillia and surrounding areas.

Horseshoe Valley Dental

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Our mission is to change attitudes and beliefs about dental care by taking the time to listen to you and providing a patient-centered environment where every patient feels welcomed and comfortable. The atmosphere of the office is such that it reduces or eliminates fear and apprehension towards dentistry. At Horseshoe Valley Dental, we believe that clinical excellence combined with a passion for client service is what our patients have come to expect.

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